NeighborLink Fort Wayne is a grassroots, faith-based nonprofit that seeks to connect vulnerable homeowners who have needs beyond their capability to meet, and volunteers in the community that can help. In 2014, volunteers self-selected, organized, and completed 623 home maintenance projects for seniors, people with disabilities, and people facing life circumstances who just needed a helping hand. 

Our mission is, practical neighbor-to-neighbor expressions of God's love.

Please visit us online at

Team Vision & Goals:

Raise awareness for our organization and to spread the message of practical neighbor-to-neighbor expressions of God's love.

Create an environment where our volunteers and supporters can feel part of a team while they train for their events. We know how lonely training can be, and knowing that you're representing an organization that represents something bigger than you can provide the needed motivation to hit your goals.

Raise $15,000 in 2016 for the projects that get completed by NeighborLink Volunteers through the sale of our merchandise and through the fundraising of our ambassadors. 


how to join

We're looking for athletes and supporters who believe that being a good neighbor is the best way to live. We welcome anyone that wants to join a team that focuses more on relationships, being kind to others, going out of our way to help others, and enjoying each others' company than race results or the latest gear. The spirit of NeighborLink is all about service and looking for opportunities to step into the gaps. We carry this same spirit into our athletic efforts by looking for opportunities to help those struggling to finish or supporting event organizers. Some of our members are motivated by their faith and some are motivated by their spirit of being the best person they can be. 

If this sounds like you, you can join the team by purchasing some gear, representing us at events, making a donation to NeighborLink, or considering becoming an ambassador as a way to invest your time on our behalf. If you have any questions, please reach out. We'd love to talk to you further. 

We are an official USA Cycling Club that allows you to race under our team name at all USA Cycling sanctioned events. Our club name/number is Team NeighborLink/15105.