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Mission & Goals 

Team NeighborLink's mission is use athletics to raise awareness and funds to support the work of NeighborLink. We love running, biking, lifting, and all the sports that get us outside with our friends, families, and teammates. But at the end of the day, Team NeighborLink exists to accomplish greater goals than just having fun outside. Team NL strives to raise dollars to fund materials for home repair projects; raise awareness for the issues vulnerable homeowners are facing and what volunteers are doing about it; and to create a community around our greatest supporters that are athletically engaged.


Goal 01.

Raise $25,000 in 2019 for the projects that get completed by NeighborLink Volunteers through the sale of our merchandise, sponsors, events, and through the fundraising campaigns of our Ambassadors. 

Goal 02.

Raise awareness for the neighbors in need throughout our community that need assistance, and the work of NeighborLink volunteers doing something to help. 

Goal 03.

Create an environment where our volunteers and supporters can feel part of a team while they train for their events. We know how lonely training can be, and knowing that you're representing an organization that represents something bigger than you can provide the needed motivation to hit your goals.



In the summer of 2010, a couple of us set a goal of doing a triathlon and a half marathon within a month of one another. As we went to purchase some new gear, a light went off and we decided that we should be printing our logos on that gear instead of just the clothing brands. Those couple of shirts turned into Team NeighborLink the next spring when we realized that there had to be dozens of athletes within the community of 1,500 volunteers NeighborLink Fort Wayne had at the time. So, we created some more shirts and even created our first cycling kit. Since 2011, we've double the size of our grassroots team of athletes almost every year as well as seen our gear clothe athletes all over the US. Today, we have over 100 cyclists and triathletes, dozens of runners, CrossFit fanatics, and even kayak fishermen. Athletes have completed Ironmans, marathons, mini-marathons, 100mi MTB races, CrossFit Regionals, and dozens of other events over the years.  

Team NeighborLink has become a way for us to unify our volunteers and supporters while giving them the opportunity to help us raise awareness and funds to help fuel our mission. We know not all our volunteers are volunteering every week and that many of them are also engaged in a healthy lifestyle. It made sense for us to create the environment that allowed them to incorporate purpose into their training and events. 

Since the beginning of 2015, TNL athletes have helped us raise just over $60,000 to fund projects and support operational needs that help us run our organization. What began in Fort Wayne, IN has started to spread into Indianapolis and other communities that are using the NeighborLink model. TNL is a grassroots movement that helps unify athletes that believe being a good neighbor no matter where they are at is the right way to live and worth exemplifying through athletics. 


About NeighborLink

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NeighborLink Fort Wayne is a grassroots, faith-based nonprofit that seeks to connect vulnerable homeowners who have needs beyond their capability to meet, and volunteers in the community that can help. In 2017, volunteers self-selected, organized, and completed 1,050 home maintenance projects for seniors, people with disabilities, and people facing life circumstances who just needed a helping hand just in Fort Wayne. Over 10,000 projects have been completed in Fort Wayne since 2003. Collective at  the NeighborLink Network, over 13,000 projects for vulnerable homeowners have been completed. 

Our mission is, practical neighbor-to-neighbor expressions of God's love.

NeighborLink created the NeighborLink Network in 2008 and has launched the NL model in 10 other US cities. Current cities are: Indianapolis, Porter County, DeKalb County, Evansville, Adams County, and Owensboro

Please visit us online at or learn how to start a NeighborLink in your community at


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If you have any questions, would like to join one of the teams, or have some suggestions for us, please give us a call or send us a note. 

Please consider visiting our NeighborLink Fort Wayne website to see what NeighborLink is all about and what this team impacts.

Andrew Hoffman

NeighborLink Executive Director & Team Director




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