Fort 4 Fitness Recap

We had over a dozen Team NeighborLink members participate in the Fort 4 Fitness races this past Saturday. We had one member place in the top 50 of the half marathon with a time under 1:30. Brett Meyer hit his time goal and met his $1000 fundraising goal. Brett is pictured below with our former summer intern, Amanda Howard, who completed the half-marathon and can't wait to do her next one. 

I enjoyed the morning from behind a 2-seat stroller as my wife and I both pushed our kids in the 4-mile event. We had a lot of fun being behind 4,000 4-mile participants walking through the streets all around the neighborhood we live in.  

Fort 4 Fitness is a truly special event in Fort Wayne. The energy, enthusiasm, positive spirits, and the amount of people overcoming personal challenges is really something to experience if you haven't before. Standing in the outfield of Parkview Field watching runners finish is quite the inspiring event. You see thousands of people accomplishing their goals with many of them sacrificing on behalf of a charity, cause, or individual battling an illness. 

We appreciate all of you that chose to run in a Love Your Neighbor Team NeighborLink shirt or put us down as your Charity Partner. We have a vibrant community because of you.  

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