Running Shirt Decision - Input Needed

It's that time of year again when we decide what shirts to go with for our Running Shirts. Here's a quick history of what we've done.

2011 - Nike Miler Running Shirts - Bright Blue for both men & women - High quality & trimmer fit for running. Everyone loved them and so we chose to use them in 2012 as well. 

2011 - Nike Legend T - Light blue for Men & bright blue for women - These fit like a t-shirt but kept the Dri-Fit fabric abilities. We initially ordered these for folks that wanted a dri-fit shirt to simply be active and not be as fitted as a running shirt. They didn't sell that well and it took us through 2012 to get through our inventory. 

2012 - Nike Miler Running Shirt - Charcoal for men & smoky brown for women - Nike stopped making the blue we started with and we opted for some darker colors. Everyone still loved them and we only have a few left in stock.

2013 Decision Making Process!

Decision 1 - Nike Miler Running Shirt - We still love the fit & quality of the Miler, but we still can't really get the blue we want. We also haven't found a shirt by another brand that we like as well as the Nike. This leaves us with the following options. We can get the charcoal gray in both mens & womens, and we have a blue option for both parties but not the same blue. 

Which do you prefer? Do you like the dark gray or would you rather have the blue? Leave a comment with your opinion!

Decision 2 - Nike Legend T-Shirt - We're considering bringing back what we called, "Outdoor" shirt, which was the Nike Legend t-shirt that is Dri-Fit but felt & fit like a regular t-shirt. I initially didn't like it that much, but have come to love it for hot summer days, CrossFit workouts, or even for running. 

What do you think? Would you like to have the option to purchase a Team NeighborLink shirt like this? Here are our options for this year. Not a lot of color options in stock. Leave us a comment if a cheaper, t-shirt kind of fit, shirt is of interest. Price will likely be $30 each, which would include a donation to NL. 

Decision 3 - Long Sleeve Running Shirts - We recently came across some really nice Brooks running shirts in long sleeve that we're interested in ordering, but we'd need to know if people are interested in having one. Here is an image of the shirt we're looking into. It won't be orange. I'm getting color options and pricing soon. 

Leave us a comment if a long sleeve shirt would be of interest.

Decision 4 - What Are We Missing? We can order just about any kind of running gear and get a Team NeighborLink logo printed on it. We can even get limited quantities of things if you're the only one. We can even take your favorite shirt that you provide and get it printed. The key to all of that is making sure we have it on hand before we go to have everything printed. 

If you have something already or want to go any buy your favorite item that you want printed, get it to us soon!

If we hear from enough of you that want the same thing, we'll make an effort to get it stocked. Do women want tank tops? Do men want sleeveless shirts or tank tops? All those kind of things we want input on.

I look forward to hearing from you!