Race Report: Warsaw Optimist Sprint Triathlon

Another race completed for Team NeighborLink members. This past Saturday, several members participated in the Warsaw Optimist Sprint Triathlon in Winona Lake. The race included a 1/4 mile swim, 13.8mi bike ride, and a 3.5mi run.

We all went in with the basic hope of finishing and having a great time doing so. However, each of us has our own time goals we wanted to hit based on what we've been training towards or what we've done this race in before. We all were pretty happy with our times and are looking forward to the next event. 


Andrew Hoffman - 1:29 (Swim 10:56 - Bike 42.46 - Run 31.38) 

Drew Baker - 1:31 (Swim 8:44 - Bike 44:11 - Run 35:38)

Aaron Makin -  1:33 (Swim 9:37 - Bike 45:51 - Run 34:38) 

Brad Steenport -  1:34 (Swim 11:11 - Bike 44:11 - Run 33:46)