Help Good Spread Peanut Butter & Great 80

Cyclists (and just about everyone, ever) love peanut butter. Cyclists also love peanut butter when it's in a convenient, single-packet package that can be thrown in the jersey pocket on a long ride as a kind of fuel that's not a gel.  

I was at a conference last week where I heard the story of a new peanut butter company, Help Good Spread, that is not only providing delicious peanut butter in a convenient package, but are giving a packet of vitamin-rich peanut butter that is specifically designed to address child malnutrition in developing countries. It's a one-for-one model applied to peanut butter. 


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It should be no surprise that NeighborLink likes great causes and innovative business models to address social challenges both locally and globally.  

So, each rider in The Great 80 Race will receive a packet of this peanut butter in their goodie bag the day of the race. If you love it, buy some and know that you're peanut butter consumption has a good cause behind it. Oh, and they follow all the organic process that companies like Justin's does if that's a part of your consumer decision making.  

They aren't sponsoring our event, but I liked what they were doing so much that I chose to purchase the packets we need and give them the exposure. Plus they had a 50% off coupon for conference goers. Made the decision pretty easy.

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