'Cross The Fort - Sept 6-8th

Cyclocross season is here and Fort Wayne is celebrating with a 3-day cyclocross event called, Cross The FortThis is a 3 day cyclocross event with 3 races in 3 days. There will be food trucks, music, mustaches and maybe even some tasty beer! Check the link for race locations, dates and times! More info as the event gets a little closer! This will be an awesome weekend!

Thanks to Fort Wayne Outfitters, Men of Steel Racing, and all the other sponsors and involved teams for making this event happen in Fort Wayne. Cyclocross is really taking off and provides incredible spectating because of the contained course and sometimes difficult racing condition. Even if you're not that familiar with cyclocross or bike racing in general, you'll love watching this event.  

The Friday night race will even race under the lights! 

Watch the video below to get an idea of what this sport is all about.  


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