Volunteer Opportunities - Great 80 Race

The Great 80 Race promises to be a great event, but not without the help of a dozen volunteers. We need some help in the following categories:  

Pre-Race Packet Creation - 1-2 Volunteers - 2 Hours - Friday Oct 4th

We'll have water bottles, some flyers, and some other goodie bags that will need to be packaged up to be ready to give out as team members checkin the morning of the race. 

Check-In Table - 1-2 Volunteers - 2 Hours (7:30-9:30) - Sat Oct 5th

We'll need help checking riders in and answering any basic questions riders may have as they arrive. This will include making sure waiver forms are signed by all team members; handing out gift bags; distribute route cards; and help make things run smoothly.  

Race Day Hosts - 2-3 Volunteers - 3 Hours (7:30-10ish) - Sat Oct 5th

We'll need a few people to be available to setup up the park pavilion the morning of the race; greet riders as they arrive; be available to answer questions; help get riders off on the ride; and keep things organized and running smoothly.

Checkpoint Stations on Course - 1-2 Volunteers Per Checkpoint - 2 Hours - Sat Oct 5th

We will have checkpoints on the course that will require a team captain from each team to stop at and have their route check marked verifying they're on course. You'll have a list of all team names and members and will want to check mark every team that comes through. You'll also have water and a basic pack of snacks for any teams that need a little boost. Depending on which station you choose to be at will determine the time you need to setup. Each station should only require volunteer assistance for 2 hours or less. 

Checkpoint Locations: 

  • Corner of Maplecrest and Parrett Road - Sidewalk just over the Maplecrest bridge
  • Camp Red Cedar - 3900 Hursh Rd  Fort Wayne, IN 46845
  • Arrowhead March - Aboite Road - Map   

Food Prep & Service - 2-3 Volunteers - Oct 3/4 or 5th (1-3pm) - 5th will require 2 hours

We are providing post-race food for up to 75 riders and I'm sure a few guests. We are going to be grilling brats and other delicious food. The grilling portion is being taken care of by a volunteer, but we need help preparing sides and other food for the event. We'll also need help serving and/or managing the food area for the participants. There is a small kitchen at the Rockhill Park pavilion that can be used that. If you love to cook and think this would be a great way to serve, let us know. 

Post Race Cleanup - 2-3 Volunteers - 1 hour (3-4pm) - Sat Oct 5th

We'll need some help tearing things down, cleaning up, and packing it all up. The could take a 20 minutes or longer depending on how many volunteers we have. 


 We've tried to make this event as simple as possible with the least moving parts as possible, so there really isn't a lot of work that needs to be done. These positions will help make the event a smashing success and ensure everyone has a great time.  

If you can help or have more questions, please contact me.  

Andrew Hoffman

Email: Andrew@NLFW.org

Phone: 260.710.7611