2014 Cycling Gear Is Ready to Order

We are really excited to share with you the completely redesigned Team NeighborLink Cycling Gear. Our talented & generous friend, Nate Utesch, has done it again by offering his design skills to make us look good and stand out from the rest of the race teams in the area. Go to a local cycling crit race and take a look at all the different team jerseys. You'll find that it can be a challenge to design a kit that stands out from all the rest, but we believe our simplified approach does that and is a non-traditional approach to cycling kits.

Our design focus this year was to simplify our design elements and have a strong color palette that we know will stand out against the pack. We also took into account that many of our target members are not actually racers and all the flashy stuff most kits have actually deter them from joining our team. We find they want classy kit to enjoy on everyday rides without always looking like you're racing. We think we've accomplished a kit that works for both groups.

As always, our goal is to raise awareness for NeighborLink Fort Wayne and attempt to raise some funds along the way through the sale of our merchandise and the few that fundraise at various events. 

We are looking to place an initial order in 2014 by the end of February, which would get everyone's gear by the end of April (takes about 8 weeks). We order all our gear from Champion System and they have a wide range of options. 

Take a look at the gear and if you're interested in more information and how to order, visit our Gear Shop where we have more information on options & pricing.