Team NeighborLink at Warsaw Fat & Skinny Tire Festival

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 2.28.59 PM.png

We had two riders at the Fat & Skinny Tire Festival in Winona Lake, IN this past weekend. This is always a fantastic event that combines mountain biking, road racing, touring rides, and many other opportunities to celebrate cycling in the quant little town of Winona Lake.

Mark Miller did the Cat4 Road Race and the Criterium, and David Park did the Cat5 Road Race/Crit combo. The road race got a late start on Saturday, and included a few random challenges as the race came to a close. The field was neutralized with just a few miles left due to a stuck vehicle and some rain, which threw many riders off. Mark finished officially in 26th place in the road race, and David finished 15th in their respective Categories. 

On Sunday, the criterium was off without a hitch and the weather was cooperative. Both had great races. David's results moved him up a Category and will now be racing in Cat4 from now on. The actual results weren't posted at the time of writing this, so we'll update as soon as we get those. 

Thanks guys for racing for us!