Team NeighborLink Friday Lunch Rides

Our offices are in downtown Fort Wayne and we know we have a few team members that work down there as well, so we thought it was a perfect opportunity to attempt to organize a ride. We see a lot of groups of runners downtown that run over the lunch hour and we began to wonder how many cyclists there might be that would like to organize as well. We know that cycling takes a bit more prep and might go over the "hour," but we also know that some of you might have some flexibility once a week. 

Our goal is to leave right at noon, ride 12-15 miles, and be back in just less than an hour. Add on a little time before and time for a shower after, and you're looking at a total time of 1.5-2hrs depending on how fast you are at that. 

No one gets dropped and the pace/workout of the day will be dictated by the riders involved. It will be a friendly fitness pace, so you can expect more than a 15mph average. If you want to get more of workout in, then consider adding some sprints/intervals into the ride once we hit the country. You can rest assured that we'll all begin together, get to safe roads together, and then return as a group even if someone hops of the front of the group on a sprint. 




We're still in the planning phase of these rides and we could consider changing to a pre-work ride on Friday mornings if that's a better time for the majority of cyclists. Think 6:15 or 6:30am from the same location. However, we know that consistency is the name of the game and unless we hear from cyclists, we'll keep the lunch ride timing. There is no reason why we can't do both if we get the interest. Also, if there is interest in a group of runners getting together, feel free to meet us at that time and run a different route. Let us know by emailing us.