Team NeighborLink Welcomes Intern Josh Johnson

We're excited to welcome Josh Johnson to the NeighborLink Fort Wayne team as an official intern who will oversee a few Team NeighborLink projects for us. Team NL started five years ago as a side project to equip a dozen or so supporters of our nonprofit with running and cycling gear to represent us in their events. Each year we put a little more energy into the team and are starting to see some real potential in it as a tool to build awareness and to help raise funds. We have almost 30 cyclists and countless runners & athletes wearing our shirts in everything from 5ks to Spartan Races. We've dreamed of an intern and planned on a full time intern for 2015, but the stars aligned this year and we were able to bring Josh on. 

Josh is an incredible bike racer, but even more importantly, a great young man with a heart for others and a love for Jesus. Two incredibly important traits we care more about than being a good on a bike. He aligns with our philosophy of it's more about relationships than projects, and for Team NL, it's more about the relationships than the sport you excel at. 

Josh is a Fort Wayne native and will be a senior at Marian University. Here are a few more details about him through some questions we asked:

Degree & What You Love About It: Business Marketing - I enjoy Marketing because it allows me to combine my creative spirit with my entrepreneurial ambition and drive. 

Current Race Teams: Giant Factory Off-Road; Bissell-ABG-Giant; Marian University

Favorite Kind of Racing: Cyclocross - mud, guts, & glory!

Why Intern with NeighborLink? - It is an excellent opportunity to apply what I've learned in my Business/Marketing classes, alongside my personal knowledge of the cycling and athletic industries to make a positive impact for Team NL. I also enjoy volunteering and giving back in which this opportunity allows me to couple my passion for cycling with my desire to do good in the community. 

Career Ambitions at this Point? - Continue to pursue cycling in a balanced fashion.


What Josh will be working on... 

  • Team Refinement - Josh is going to take his years of cycling team experience and help us refine our team structure and help us become better prepared for growth. We'll see if he's been paying attention in those marketing classes on brand development. 
  • Market Research - He'll be leveraging his network of relationships in the bike industry to help us better understand what it takes to grow our team on a national level. We have NeighborLinks in 7 cities throughout the US and our vision is to build the team in a way that it grows with our rapid expansion and becomes an asset to each of our cities. We believe we have the potential to provide some win-win opportunities for national brands that want to align with a team that encourages neighborly goodwill & volunteerism.
  • Local Team Development - Time has always been an issue for us locally. Josh is well connected locally in Fort Wayne and in Indianapolis, which we have a NeighborLink location in as well. Josh is going to spend some time helping us get everyone together, build relationships with one another, and help encourage some deeper engagement from our athletes. 

We would love to have you partner with us to help cover the cost of his internship. A few donors have stepped up and paid for most of his internship, but we could still use a few hundred dollars more. We have a fundraising page setup here and 100% of your donation is tax-deductible.