Joe Johns Finishes Cross Country Ride

NeighborLink Fort Wayne board member and Team NeighborLink cyclist, Joe Johns, finished his 3000 mile cross country bike ride yesterday. He did it in exactly 30 days averaging nearly 100 miles a day. Joe is a pastor at a local Fort Wayne church and had the opportunity to receive a major grant from the Lilly Foundation that is designed for pastors to have a sabbatical. The main focus of this sabbatical, do the things that bring you the most joy. For Joe, one element was this trip. His family will join him in San Diego this weekend where he'll ride the final two miles to the ocean and dip that wheel in to officially finish it. 

Joe did a great job of documenting the entire trip over at his blog. You can visit the link to read the last day or catch up on all the days. We're proud of him for making it the entire way and for pursuing those crazy ideas.