"Crunch" - Triathlete

We're now entering the third week of this series (the fourth counting the introductory post). Thus far we have talked about general ways in which we can include our favorite activities into our lifestyles, as well as talking about specific ways that we can ride and run as busy individuals. Now, we will build off that platform and mix riding, running, and swimming together, put it in an oven and call it a triathalon.

If you're the sport equivalent of a jack-of-all-trades and have managed to juggle these three sports, then pay close attention as we break it down into a three course meal. Much easier to savor and enjoy than one big plateful. 


Triathlon training can seem overwhelming at first, but it ultimately comes down to your ability to plan. You won't be training for each of the three sports every day, so you will need to figure out your target goals and events, and reverse engineer your training to the present. Once this is done, it will help you to look forward to those workouts with excitement and motivation, because you've known what to expect the preceeding days, weeks and months. This is a big help to your mental state. It's much easier to complete a workout with maximum intensity, since you know it is actually for a purpose; one that you can measure against the target goals and in your competitions.

Here's a three step process to help you get to where you desire to be: 

1. Plan. Proper planning can greatly improve your enjoyment and motivation to train and compete. It will help you to keep up with life and your personal aspirations to become better, faster, and stronger.  

2. WOW. Work On your Weaknesses. With three sports, there will certainly be a dominate sport that you excel at. Maybe you come from a running background, giving you the ability to breeze through the run, put in a strong ride on the bike, but you find yourself struggling in the swim. If this is the case, you could greatly benefit from some swimming specific  training. Rather than continuing to create a larger inequality in your skills; take the time to rank three sports that you compete in during a triathalon. Find out which is your best, and why - do the same with the other two. List three strengths from each, and at least one thing you could improve on. Then start by working to improve the sport you struggle with the most. Speaking in economic terms: this method has the potential to yield a high rate of return on investment (ROI). 

3. Easy. When it comes to workout locations, you must invest some time in figuring out gym/workout locations that are easy and work for you. Once you've spent some time doing this, it will allow you to have an much simpler when you are planning. Things to think about: you may want to get up early and swim before work - does your gym accomodate your timeframe needs; is it close to your house or on the way to work? You may have times where you will need to run on the treadmill or ride on the trainer in order to complete workout. This is why you take step one seriously, and plan. You want to eliminate the amount of barriers that have the potential to come between you and your workouts. If this is done, it will be much easier to meet your training goals, even when life happens. 

These three steps will help to break down the sports and workouts into mangagable bites that you are able to use to fuel your campaign to reach your goals and suceed in competiting. Remind yourself that you are also working to improve your personal health and wellness, regardless of what your competitive results are. You can inspire and motivate others by just being true to you. This in and of itself is an accomplishment and something to feel proud of. 

If you haven't taken the time to read the posts earlier post in this series, we encourage you to do so. The sports we have talked about may be a bit different than your specific situation, but the principles will likely apply. 

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