Great 80 Is A Day Away

We're counting down the hours at this point before the 2nd Annual Great 80 starts. We've been working hard all week checking the route, pulling all the details together, organizing our swag boxes, and making sure everyone knows the details of the event. There is a lot that goes into organizing an event like this, especially when you're trying to keep some secrets away from the riders. 80 miles is a long way and the thought of the unknown route is challenging for some. 

However, 7 full teams and 5 individuals have signed up for the challenge and have decided to go all in with us. The race format is true to NeighborLink's core. NeighborLink deals with problems bigger than our immediate ability to comprehend. All we know most days is that we must do something and it requires a step forward in faith that the next step will be known to us. This ride will do the same as each rider or team has to trust the route card to be correct to lead them in the right direction. We know some will miss a turn and get off course, but we also know that the team will pull them back on course.

Sunday is going to be a great day! 

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