The Alternative Lesson Learned From Austin

As many read the news of the final day of racing in Austin, TX, you read of the cancellation, the rescinded cancellation, and then the rescheduling of events to the following day. If you were following from afar, you heard a lot of negative responses and frustration due to this change in events. It is easy to jump on the bandwagon and join in ongoing conversation about what happen. This post is aimed at something different. Rather than talking about the frustration and disappointment with the events and parties surrounding the 2015 Cyclocross National Championship debacle, we will focus on the passionate people that were involved. 


The apparent failure in Austin, TX with a group of passionate arborists can serve as a frustrating, but powerful reminder of the power of a group of individuals who come together to work for a cause that is greater than themselves. In Austin, the situation was unfortunate for all the individuals and families that made the long trip and invested so much time and resources into being present for the event. However, when we look at this from the standpoint of a Non-Profit organization (such as NeighborLink), we can learn some valuable lessons that our voices matter and that it is important to encourage others and make our voices heard when it comes to things that really matter. The preservation of the trees in Zilker Park truly mattered to all the people who emailed and called the parks and government in Austin to let them know they were in opposition of what was happening to the trees. Conversely, all those in the cycling community really cared about the opportunity to race a National Championship, as well as allowing both men's and women's Junior, U23, and Elite racers the chance to compete and show their hard work and dedication to the sport, specifically cyclocross. 

As a member of Team NeighborLink, think of ways you can make your voice heard about tangible and practical ways of loving your neighbor. If the opportunity presents itself to share your passion of helping others to a larger audience, such as your local government or other representatives, take time to share the power of lending a helping hand in the community. Sometimes we forget that grassroots efforts can turn into the mainstream school of thought or activity if enough people are willing to invest their time, talents, or resources for a cause greater than themselves.