Running For A Roof!

Michelle Hoffman and her brother-in-law, Austin Kirchhoff, have committed to run the 2015 OneAmerica 500 Festival half-marathon in Indianapolis on Saturday, May 2nd and represent Team NeighborLink along the way. 

Not only have the decided to run the event together, they've added another challenge to their training by committing to raise $1,000 to go to the replacement of a roof for a NeighborLink Fort Wayne recipient. Roofing is one of the most complicated and biggest needs NeighborLink's recipients have because of the cost and skill required. We had 86 requests go unmet last year. 

This $1,000 will be matched by other NeighborLink donations to ensure the full $2000-$2500 cost of a roof gets raised and completed. Once spring arrives, we'll select a recipient and get a project scheduled so every donor knows exactly who will be receiving roof and can follow their donation to the impact it made. Below is a video of a roof we completed 2 years ago to give you an idea of the impact made.

This campaign is an example of why Team NeighborLink exists and what we hope to have our athletes accomplish. It's encouraging to see athletes add another layer of purpose to their efforts that take them beyond their own personal pursuits. It's inspiring to see folks willing to invite their friends and family into their journey and turn the focus towards others. 

Not every athlete needs to make a $1,000 commitment to have an impact at NL. We have projects that have all kinds of fundraising needs or we can combine athlete efforts to accomplish a project. If you'd like to run with Michelle and Austin to help them raise more than $1,000 or raise money for a different project, let us know