2015 Cycling Gear Coming Soon

Our new graphic design intern, Lily, has been hard at work renovating our cycling and running gear for 2015. The design direction was simple, but challenging. The goal was to update the gear to include some new logos and push the designs to the next step without changing the overall layout in an effort to preserve the existing design since it was new last year. We needed to make some updates, but we didn't want to alienate those that purchased gear last year who can't buy new gear this year. I think she's done a fantastic job so far. There are some additional sponsors and other small tweaks to be made, but we're pretty excited about this year's gear. 

We'll be taking pre-orders soon and we'd love to invite you to buy a jersey or complete kit. Anyone can join the team and support the cause. New for this year is support from SRAM, which gives our team members 20% of SRAM products through group purchasing. More to come on that sponsorship. 

Also, a fun addition to this year's kit is the addition of an "alternate" jersey. Our goal is to add a new jersey for those that may purchase more than one kit, want to just buy a jersey this year, or want to add a different color jersey to where with your blue shorts this year. Right now, we're looking for feedback on whether you like the white or the green better. Leave a comment and if it's a draw, we'll consider making both available in the initial order. 

More kit to be release soon including socks, hat, vest, and new bottles!