Team NeighborLink Runners Put Roof On Esther's House

Two Team NeighborLink runners, Brett Meyer and Lily Fengolio, both decided that they wanted to raise money in addition to run a half-marathon this fall to help a neighbor in need at NeighborLink get a new roof. Roofing is one of our hardest projects to get done each year and it's fitting to align that project type with an event like a half-marathon. Both are doable, but require commitment and a lot of work. 

Over 33 donors gave an average of $88 in support of Brett and Lily, and ultimately Esther, who was the recipient of this generosity. Not only did Brett raise $2000 of the $2750 that was needed, he also coached the project and spent two days working with over two dozen volunteers to complete the project. What does Brett do for a living? He's a software engineer with the skills to organize people. 

Esther is a mother of four daughters, has a lot of grandkids, some great-grandkids, and has fostered 19 other children in her lifetime. She had a stroke a few years back and is currently recovering from surgery. She's a gracious and wonderful woman and we're grateful for the opportunity to help. She was only one of seven homeowners to get help with roofing needs this year out of the 96 requests for assistance. 

More info on Esther and a full gallery of images can be found over on the NL website. Click here to check that out.