We're now taking pre-orders for our 2015 Team NL Cycling kits. We will order again from Champion System and like before, any main item within their website from cycling & triathlon to weightlifting or mountain bike gear can be made with Team NL designs. 

What's New for 2015

  • Ambassador Program: New for 2015 is our effort to invite some of our athletes into a deeper commitment on our behalf. If you commit to raising $1000+ for NLFW in 2015, we'll cover the cost of a kit up to $150 value. Plus, we'll throw in some socks, bottles, t-shirt, and some other things along the way to make sure you're outfitted to represent us well. 
  • Design Revisions: We've made minor design tweaks for 2015. We've updated the houndstooth pattern, modified the sponsor logos on the back of the jersey, and have brought in the NeighborLink and Love Your Neighbor logos. The goal was to update the gear, but not be a major departure from last year for those that aren't buying a new kit. 
  • Alternate Jerseys: We've taking some inspiration from baseball and created our own alternate jerseys to work with our blue bib shorts. In this initial order, you can choose from a white or green jersey. We prefer you either have the 2014 navy kit or buy a new 2015 navy jersey first as these are designed to be for those that don't want to buy a new kit this year or who want more than one jersey, but not the same one.  
  • Sponsors: Summit City Bicycles is back for 2015 and we've added SRAM, NUUN hydration, and we have access to Fizik and Kask. Team members can receive around 20% off of items from these manufacturers companies. More info coming soon. 
  • Additional Gear Items: We will have new team socks, caps, t-shirts, and bottle coming as well. Stay tuned for those as well. 

How to Order

  • Visit Team Shop: We've added all the jersey, bib shorts, triathlon, and vest options to the online shop here on the website. That's the best way to select and pay for those items. Select which options you want and then pre-pay for the items. Once we receive your order, we'll contact you to get specifics. Nothing will be ordered without a final email confirmation with each member. 
  • Other Items: If you don't see items that you want to purchase online yet, then visit www.champ-sys.com and review what they have. Once you find what you want, send an email to andrew@nlfw.org with a link to the items and your sizes. We add a $10 donation to NL to each item purchased, so take the CS price and add $10 to it and that will be your price. We'll send you a payment link once you pick your items. 
  • Sizing Questions: First, reference the Champion System sizing chart. If that's not helpful, email Andrew at andrew@nlfw.org and he can make arrangements to get you some gear to try on. We've been using Champion System for a number of years and we have enough riders of different sizes that we can find you some gear to try on to find the right fit. 
  • Payment: We request that you pay us at the time ordering so we can make sure we get everything ordered and we can ensure you're committed. If that's a problem, we can work something out, so contact us
  • 2nd Order: We will likely order more than once in 2015, so if you can't get everything you want now or need to order later in the year, we can do that. Just let us know. We simply  need 10 total items to make a re-order of gear and are happy to order each time we meet those minimums. We often have a revolving list of orders. 

What A Team NeighborLink Member Is:

  • You have Volunteered at NeighborLink Fort Wayne at least once in the past 12 months.

  • You've purchased our gear and participated in a athletic competition (5k, cycling race/ride, CrossFit competition, Spartan Race, etc.)

  • You've purchased our gear and wear it regularly, plus made at least a $50 donation to NL Fort Wayne.

  • You've organized a fundraiser on our behalf. 

As always, contact Andrew Hoffman, if you have any questions or concerns about the gear or process. We are trying to find the best way to make this order as easy/simple as possible, but with team members all over the US, it can be challenging. So, bear with us and we'll make sure we get it all done.