15 New Team NeighborLink Members

We've had an incredible response to our 2015 pre-order for cycling and triathlon gear. We have 22 total members ordering new gear and 15 of those are new members, which is out of this world. That puts us up 49 total members that fit into the cycling and triathlon categories of Team NeighborLink. 

Pre-Order closes tonight (3.2) at 8pm. 

Additional orders will be made in 2015. We will place an order whenever we receive enough interest to order 10 total items from athletes. That could be 3 jerseys, 3 bibs, a jacket, a tri-suit, and 2 vests. A few of us have also not ordered as much as we liked in an effort to help speed up an additional order this spring. So, don't hesitate to ask about where we're at and get an order in.