New Series: Fit, Form & Technique

In our upcoming series, we will be talking about the importance of proper fit, form, and technique as it relates to CrossFit, Running, and Cycling and Triathlons. Our friends at Mad Apple CrossFit, Three Rivers Running Company, and Summit City Bicycles & Fitness will be sharing their expert opinions and advice as it relates to these topics. 

Mad Apple CrossFitwill be talking about the importance of proper form and technique during a CrossFit workout. 

Three River Running Companywill be talking about proper shoe fit and the advantages that come with wearing a shoe that is fit to your body type, as well as your walking or running style.

Summit City Bicycles & Fitness: will be talking about proper bike fitting and increased comfort and power that can result in this process. 

We want to provide valuable information and connect with the resources we have available from our great partners to help reduce the learning curve and some of the barriers to practicing and achieving greatness in our sports!