Volunteer With Team NeighborLink

Volunteering is at the core of what Team NeighborLink is all about. After all, we are a team the represents an organization transforming neighborhoods by helping those that live within them that need the most help. 

We've got a lot of different opportunities to volunteer with Team NeighborLink coming up and we'd really love some help. Below are those opportunities and dates. Please contact us if you can help out. 

The Great 80 cycling event is Sunday, June 14th, and we'll need the following volunteers to help us make this a fantastic event. Each year, we have a great group of volunteers make this work and we need your help. We attempt to keep this event as simple as possible in an effort to keep volunteers to a minimum and the roles volunteers need to play easy and fun. 

CHECK-IN TABLE (2 Volunteers - 7:30am - 9am): We need 2 volunteers to greet riders, check them in, make sure all team riders sign a waiver, and get their race day information & swag

MORNING HELPERS (3-5 Volunteers - 7:30am - 10am): We need 3 people that would be willing to show up in the morning and help out wherever needed. Could be directing traffic, helping out with the check-in table, or helping people get ready to roll out. 

PHOTOGRAPHER (1 or 2 Volunteers - All day or a you name it) - We have one photographer already, but we'd love to have one more that would like to be out on the course documenting the ride as it happens. 

STARTING LINE HELP (1 Volunteer - 8:30a - 10am): We need someone to help our event organizer launch each individual team from the start line and writing down their start time. 

CHECKPOINTS - 3 Checkpoints - (1-2 volunteers per - Timing depends on checkpoint & distance to it): We have 3 checkpoints on the course that all riders have to pass by. The goal of each checkpoint is to document each team that comes through. Also, each checkpoint will have a water jug and some basic snacks for riders that need it. You'll need to meet on site before hand or take stuff with you the day before. 

FINISH LINE HELP (1-2 Volunteers - 1:30pm - 4pm): We need someone to be stationed at the finish line to document the teams ending time and to welcome the group back. 

POST-EVENT HELP (3-5 Volunteers - 1:30pm-5:00p): We need a team of folks that can be of help doing whatever is needed as riders return to the Joseph Decuis farm. JD is taking care of all food prep, etc, but we can be servants to them should they need the additional help. 

If you are interest in a position or can fill a number of positions, please contact us as soon as possible. This is a great opportunities for a family to volunteer together. 


Night Moves is a 4-part night time running series beginning on June 12th. Each 5k race begins at 10pm and will be approximately 18 - 45 minutes long depending on the pace of the runners participating. We'll need a dozen volunteers each night to make sure each race goes as well. Details on those opportunities are below. 

Dates: June 12th, June 26th, July 3rd, July 17th 

PRE-RACE ROUTE PREP (2 Volunteers - Few Days Before Each Event): We need 2 volunteers who would be willing to preview the course a few nights before the event to inspect it as well as take our Team NL stencils out on the course to spray chalk messages and arrows for the runners. 

CHECK-IN TABLE (2 Volunteers - 9:00pm - 10:00pm): We need 2 volunteers to greet runners, check them in, make sure all runners sign a waiver, answer questions & pick up their swag

CYCLING PACERS (4-6 Volunteers - 9:30pm - 11pm): We need two cyclists to lead the runners through the course and then we'd like to have at least 2-4 additional volunteers to ride along with the pack and then follow the last runners through the course. Cyclists would need to bring their own bikes and at minimum, front & rear blinking lights. 

OFFICIAL TIMERS (1-2 Volunteers - 9:30pm - 11pm): We need folks to be the official timers that starts the time when the group leaves and then gets the official times for the first few runners. We don't need each member runner timed, but those that win in an effort to keep their scores throughout the entire season. 

FINISH LINE HELP (1-2 Volunteers - 9:00pm - 10pm): We need someone to be stationed at the finish line to welcome the runners back and point them in the right direction. 

POST-EVENT HELP (3-5 Volunteers - 9:00pm-11:00p): We need a team of folks that can be of help doing whatever is needed as runners return to the starting line each night. There really won't be much to do since it's a simple event, but it's always great to have some folks around to help and be encouraging.  

One of our 2015 goals is to be more present at various events with our fancy new tent, Utopian Coffee, and lots of flyers telling everyone we meet what we're all about. We need some high energy volunteers that love our mission and like to talk to folks even more. Duties include setup & teardown, lots of chatting, brewing coffee, selling stuff, and having a lot of fun. 


  • June 27th - Warsaw Optimist Sprint Triathlon, Winona Lake, 6:30am - 12pm