Birthday 100

You should do epic things on your birthday I've been told. So, that's what I did last Friday when I was joined by several friends to ride my first century. I've been closed to a century, but just never taken the time to do it. My goal this year is to get some big rides in early in the season in an effort to have good legs for the bulk of the season, and this was a perfect opportunity to do that. 

The weather was beautiful, the company was great, and the route was ideal for an easy 100. I designed the route as a way to preview most of this year's Great 80 course, which is going to be a really great route. It's true that Indiana is primarily flat with a lot of grain farms covering the landscape, which can make for some pretty monotonous scenery. However, each year we seem to find the most scenic sections of NE Indiana for the Great 80 and do all we can to make sure that there are beautiful and iconic scenes along the way. This course does that well. We love being able to change the course each year and still get great routes. 

Lots of appreciation to Dave, Joe, Steve, and Dylan for joining me on Friday for my birthday. Can't think of a better way to spend it.