Ambassadors Run Indy Mini & Raise $3,050

Team NeighborLink Ambassadors, Austin Kirchhoff, Michelle Hoffman, and Beth Hicks ran the 500 Festival Half-Marathon, Indy Mini, last Saturday. Each of them set out to raise $50 per mile in an effort to tackle one of the hardest projects we face at NeighborLink Fort Wayne, roofing. Not only did they all succeed in raising the $655 per person, they each raised $1,000 each with a total fundraising total of $3,150 (total as of 5.5.15).

100% of those funds will go to putting a roof on a neighbor named Wayde. You can read all about Wayde's roof and their campaign on the NLFW website. Click here to be redirected. 

Brother and sister-in-laws Austin and Michelle both have an affection for running and challenged each other last fall to run the Indy Mini together. Michelle challenged Austin to incorporate a fundraising goal as well and the Running For A Roof campaign began. They set an initial goal of $1,000 and then kept raising the stakes to a combined $2000 last week just a couple of days before the race. 

Beth summer interned at NeighborLink FW in 2013 as on operations assistant. Beth loves running and had committed to running the Indy Mini last fall as well and jumped at the chance to raise funds along with Michelle and Austin. She set the goal at $655 and was apprehensive that she could get that much, but she had faith and even ended up bumping it to $1000 last week because she did so well. 

Race day came with it's challenges. Injuries and mixed feelings about training efforts met each one squarely in the mind as they towed the start line. The fortunate part is that they were all going to start in the same corral and try to run together for as far as they could. As the first miles were paced, they all felt great and were able to keep a good pace around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and to mile 8. At Mile 8, they decided to split up and finish the race at each of their own pace. Austin led the way with a 2:01 time, Michelle next at 2:03, and Beth at a respectable 2:08. All pleased with their efforts and excited to accomplish a running goal and a fundraising goal on behalf of Wayde and NeighborLink FW. 

Both campaigns go to show that if you make a commitment bigger than yourself, incorporate kindness into the process, and then invite your community to support you, they'll rally behind you. Thank you to Austin, Michelle, Beth, and the 44 donors that made this campaign happen. 

By the Numbers: $3,050 - 44 donors - $67.65 Avg Donation - $232.82 Per Mile Donation 

Next up is getting Wayde a new roof. We've been working with Wayde and his family to set a date for the replacement. As of right now, May 30th is the day and we'll be looking for volunteers to help. If you want to volunteer to remove shingles, do cleanup, or help install the new roof, we'd love some volunteers. Great way to see what we're all about. Contact Us.