Night Moves Race 1 Recap

The mixture of a new event we've never organized before, the potential risk of being rained out, and the sense that what we were doing is all a bit crazy made the first Night Moves race a magical experience. Forty runners took the chance on Team NeighborLink to create a running experience unlike anything done in Fort Wayne by showing up at 10pm in a dark alley in downtown Fort Wayne to run a course they had no idea where it went. Thanks for trusting us everyone. 

It's hard to explain just what happened, so you should really sign up for one of our other Night Moves events to experience it for yourself. One thing is for sure, everyone had a blast and had their expectations fulfilled. Even if it included a secret finish line at the top of a parking garage that they found out about as they approached the starting line. 

Congrats to the winners: 

  • Eddie Ramoz - 20:45 
  • Erica McMahon - 23:50

Thank you to all the runners, Pint & Slice for staying open and accommodating our runners, and to the dozen volunteers who gave their time to help make this event a success. Special Thanks to Adam Garland who showed up to photograph the event. His gallery is below.