Race Recap - Night Moves Race 2

Lesson of the Event: There are a bunch of really fun and slightly crazy runners in Fort Wayne, and we love it. Over 40 runners hit the line at 10pm to run a 3.4mi course in a steady downpour. 

Friday afternoon rolled around and the forecast was nothing but rain for the rest of the night. As an event organizer, you have the safety of the runners in your mind at all times. You also have this feeling in your gut that wonders what they're thinking about the forecast and whether they're up for the adventure in the rain or are they secretly hoping we call it all off. 

Sticking to my gut, the spirit of Night Moves and NeighborLink, and running the ideas past a few other folks, we decided to keep the event and brave the elements, or at least wait until race time to make the call based on what it was doing right before the event. 

To my surprise only five people didn't show up to the more than sold out run. We had over 40 runners pack into the B-Side at One Lucky Guitar for the pre-race gathering to get the race preview details and hear about the reason we're about to run at 10pm in the rain. The crowd was enthusiastic and full of energy as they anticipated a run unlike many have ever run in or have run in in a long time. We all had the opportunity to be a kid again for the night who loves to jump in puddles, live in a worry free world for 20-45 minutes, and enjoy each others company as we realize none of us are alone in this. 

It's hard to describe what the feeling of being with your "tribe" feels like, but I think everyone knows that feeling. We reflect on that night and are grateful to belong to a tribe of athletes that are all about the experience rather than the results. 

Thank you goes out to all the volunteers who rode their bikes or stood in the rain for two hours to help make Night Moves happen. Seriously can't thank you or repay you for your support. Thank you Bobay Family for your event support as well. Big thanks to the Tincaps for opening up the best stadium in all the land for us to run through as well. That was a lot of fun!

Matt at One Lucky Guitar is one of our biggest supporters and we're thankful for his hospitality at their office. The B-Side is a magical place and I've never been to an event there that hasn't been one of my favorite experiences in a long time. That magic comes with their work. 

Race Winners were Tyler Smith and Cynthia Cornwell - Both ran super fast.