Race Report: Iron Mountain 100k

Iron Mountain 100k Mountain Bike Race

Damascus VA 2015 6/28/15

Race Report By: Reid Yoder - Ambassador

The Iron Mountain 100k was one of the toughest events I have ever done. The local mountain bike race had interested me since my two buddies had mentioned it to me earlier this year. It was quite the experience showing up to a mountain bike race rather than a road race. The morning was a little chilly as my buddy and I got out the truck. I half expected this event to be like others but it most certainly wasn’t. The venue was relaxed and many of the riders talked together as everyone prepared for what was one of the toughest events.

Over 100 Racers from single speed mountain bikes to full suspensions started the race. The race was mainly single track, fire roads and a few paved roads. My goal was to just finish since I had never ridden 60 miles on a mountain bike before.  This race ended up being a huge mental battle for me as I passed the 30 mile mark and was hoping the finish line was close. A major plus in the event was the four aid stations that had mechanics and food located at them. They proved to be a huge help to everyone during the race. I had to visit the mechanic a few times as I had a rear flat at about the halfway point.

As the race went one the battle became more physical and mental for myself. My legs started cramping and I had to stop and stretch just to battle through the tough parts. Coming into the end of the race was a big descent to where my arms went numb from riding over all the rocks. It was great to see that banner with the time up on it to know you were finished. Overall it was a great experience and I will be most likely competing in an event like this again. 

Finish Time: 8h26m