Night Moves Race 3 - Final Race Details

Team NeighborLink is grateful you’ve decided to participate in Race #3 of the inaugural Night Moves Running Series. It takes a curious, self-motivated, and adventurous person to volunteer with NeighborLink Fort Wayne, and we’ve learned it takes those same traits to find our Team NeighborLink events exciting and worth trying. 

Night Moves will be all of the above with the right amount of security, direction, and organization to make sure every aspect that can be controlled, runs smoothly. 

Below are some final details about the event that should give you direction. If you have questions not being answered, send us an email and we’ll reply as soon as we can. 

Check-In/Start Location: We’ll have a Team NeighborLink tent up in the alley behind JK O'Donnells (MAP) Please visit this tent to check in, sign our waiver, and grab your thank you gift. Huge thanks to JK O'Donnells who jumped at the opportunity to host us on the eve of the 4th of July. 

Event Timing: Check-In opens at 9:30p, Race Welcome & Final Instructions, 9:55p - Race Starts at 10:05p

Bathrooms: JK O'Donnells will have restrooms for us to use. 

JK O'Donnells:  If you've not been here yet, then get ready for a great atmosphere, good food, and all the post race beverage options you could want. JK's is generously giving ever runner a special gift, which I believe is a free dessert coupon to use that night or come back and try during a meal. 

Course Details: Race starts in the alley behind JK's, weaves to the library and through the First Pres church parking lot to Berry st. You turn left at Cindy's, head down to Aunt Millies and through Columbia St. Make a left on Calhoun and then weave down into Headwaters park towards the MLK bridge. Head under and around Lawton park back to the MLK bridge to the other side of Headwaters. We'll cut behind the pavilion to Barr St, through Frieman SQ and up to Berry. Berry to and through the courthouse lawn around to the PNC building and finish up in the alley near JKs.

Course Map: This is 95% correct based on what we could do via GPS. There are some sidewalks & alleys that we couldn't plot. The course is clearly marked with red arrows & Night Moves stencils. -

Course Marking & Direction: We will have 8 cyclists with flashing lights riding with the runners who will know the course. We’ll even have some other volunteers standing on street corners where turns are flashing lights towards runners to help guide you.  The route will also have spray chalk markings  at every turn on the ground so you can see where to go. We don’t want you to get lost, or at least that lost. Getting lost may be part of the fun. 

Headlamps or Flashlights: We’ve done our best to incorporate the best lit streets we could, but some runners in Race 1 & 2 wish they had something with them. So, for Race 3, bring it if you’re concerned. Better to have it and decide the night of. We walked it in the dark and believe it's completely manageable without lights. 

Open Course: This course will be an open course, which means there will be cars and traffic to be aware of and be courteous to. We’ve done our best to choose low-traffic streets, utilize bike lanes where possible, and make sure there are sidewalks for those not up for running in the streets. Be aware of traffic and use your common sense when crossing streets just like you do when you run on your own. 

Timing & Results: We will have a mass start and a running stopwatch as a means to make sure the first male and female runners get an official time and we can determine a winner, but we won’t have a fancy timing system to keep your time for you. This is a fun run and not a competitive event. If timing is important to you, then I imagine you already have a running watch or GPS that will keep that for you. 

Winners: We have a fancy custom engraved hammer trophy for the winning Male and Female runners. They’re sweet! 

Parking: Parking may be a bit of a challenge on a Friday night, but nothing you can't figure out. Find a side street and make your way to JKs. 


JULY 3RD Event Swag: Each runner will have the option to choose from a Night Moves t-shirt, a Team NL water bottle, or receive one of our 20% off gift certificates that allows you to purchase some official Team NL gear. If those aren’t appealing, we’ve got some stainless steel pint glasses coming in July and you can wait for one of those. 

Event T-Shirts: These were way more popular than we expected and we're nearly out. However, we are in the process of ordering more. So, if you come wanting one of those shirts but we don't have your size, just let us know and we'll make sure we get one on order for you and we'll either mail or delivery it to you when they're ready. Hoping those are ready for Race 4 on July 17th. 

Let me know if you have questions. 

Andrew Hoffman