New Cycling Gear - Ordering by Aug 21st!!

We just got in our 2nd order of Team NeighborLink cycling & triathlon gear of the year. It looks great as usual. We have some cyclists participating in cyclocross racing this year as well as a triathlete doing the Louisville Ironman in October. We're welcoming 4 new athletes to the team as well. 

Because the team keeps growing and folks keep wanting to join, we're going to order again this week!! We're getting the order together right now and if you want in, just let us know what you want to get. Visit the team shop to see all the different options. As of now, there aren't many things that our riders haven't gotten. Different jersey styles, different bibs, and a wide variety of unique items. We've tried to take pictures of all the different stuff, so make sure you check it all out. 

To get an order started, either put some items in the cart and pre-pay. We'll follow up with an email to get your sizes. Or, send us an email with the details or questions you may have.