Race Recap - 6 HRs of Winona

The Run+Ride for Run+Walk 6 & 12hr mountain bike race was an absolute blast. The KCV Cycling group in the Warsaw, IN area put on fantastic events that are well organized, well attended, and full of all the right things that make an event enjoyable for its participants. Thank you to everyone that worked hard to make that event happen. We know it's a lot of work and we're appreciative. 

Team NL riders, Mark Miller, Andrew Hoffman, and David Gable, took on the challenge of doing the 6HR race. Mark did the event solo, which was his first time doing a 6HR endurance race. David and Andrew tag teamed the 6HR duo category, which was Andrew's first time doing an event like that. Our top priority for the day was to care less about the results and focus on having a lot of fun, which we're confident that we did that. 

Mark's race went fairly effortlessly as his intense summer training schedule for 'cross and a recent two week vacation in Northern Michigan with lots of 3hr+ mountain bike rides proved to be just what was needed for this event. He took 3rd place overall after completing 9 laps averaging around 36-38min a lap. Mark said it was amazing until the 7th lap when fatigue and cramping legs started to show up. Mark also had a bit of a saving grace in another participant who happened to have a CO2 cartridge for Mark to use half way into his final lap when his tubeless setup failed and he started to get a flat tire. The air held and he finished the lap to remain in 3rd place. 

Andrew & David set out with the plan to trade laps every lap as a way to stay fresh and not get too tight. The LeMans start got the best of David as he had to run to his bike, put his front wheel on, run back to get his helmet, and then run back to his bike. It put him into the woods in last place, but he did well to turn a good lap and put Andrew in a position to pass about a dozen folks in the woods to get us back in the pack. David and Andrew traded two laps each before David's knee that he had surgery on a year prior got jammed on the third lap causing him to need to sit out for the remainder of the event. Andrew took on the challenge of finishing his third lap and then taking off and getting in two additional laps to put them in 5th place overall with 8 completed laps. 

We succeeded in having a lot of fun, meeting new folks, and enjoying a beautiful day in Winona Lake riding our mountain bikes and raising some awareness for NeighborLink and Team NeighborLink. Mark even raised over $200 for NeighborLink by inviting some family members into sponsoring him per completed lap. 

We'd love to have you join us at the events we go to, even if we simply setup our tents next to each other, or you just want to come and hang out. Like most things, the community is the part that holds all this together. The racing is just the thing that gets us there.