The Impact - Why Team NeighborLink Matters

If you've participated in one of our events, purchased gear, or took a serious look around our website, you should be asking, "What impact are they actually making with all of this?" It's responsible giving or engagement, and we welcome you to ask those questions of us. 

In a brief attempt to answer that question for you, we share these photos from a roofing project that took place in July by a group of students and adult leaders. The homeowner, John, is a senior citizen living on a fixed income and in an attempt to get his roof replaced this summer, ran short on his finances and needed some help getting it replaced and covering the addition expenses beyond his budget. The NeighborLink Fort Wayne staff worked with John to make sure it was wise project to invest in and worked with this group of volunteers to make it all happen. 

We used the proceeds from our Night Moves and Great 80 events this summer as well as the proceeds from our merchandise to date to cover the expenses related to purchasing the materials and dumpster for this project, which totaled about $2000. 

To date in 2015, Team NeighborLink athletes have raised almost $10,000 through events, merchandises, and personal fundraising efforts. Not only have we put on this roof for John, we put on a roof for a guy named Wade back in May. Funding has also gone to a number of smaller projects as well. 

Thank you for your continued support and desire to be a part of something more than athletics. We know we promote a lot of pictures of gear or events athletes are participating, but we do so knowing they're expanding our awareness and have helped us raise dollars so far this year. 

If you ever have questions on how we use these funds or want to get more involved, please let us know. 

Finally, we have two runners getting ready run mini-marathons and raise another $3000 for a roof that will get put on in October. Consider supporting Brett's campaign as well as Lily's campaign.