Team NL Advisory Group

What started as just the executive director of NeighborLink printing a few shirts for himself and his athlete friends has turned into a full fledge team with dozens of members active in cycling, running, CrossFit, and a number of other athletic efforts. Each year NeighborLink puts a little more time and energy in Team NeighborLink with the hopes that it will generate additional awareness and funding for the day-to-day work of NeighborLink, which helps vulnerable neighbors with all kinds of tangible needs. 

One of new areas of growth in 2016 is to share the leadership and vision responsibilities with 5-8 Team NL members through the formation of a Advisory Committee. This committee is designed to get more voices, ideas, and energy to the table to broaden and strengthen our efforts to have a more robust team. This isn't simply to spread out the work load of member recruiting or event management, but a comprehensive effort to see 100+ athletes of all backgrounds and athletic disciplines represent us around the country. 

If you love athletic, helping others, believe in the work of NeighborLink, and have been looking for an opportunity to invest some time in a leadership position with a nonprofit, consider joining us. 

We're hosting our first meeting on February 2nd at 6p at Mad Apple CrossFit (We changed from NeighborLink FW office). Come to the meeting, learn more, and then decide. We're looking for at least 8 people and we have just a couple more spots to fill. Send us a note through the contact us page and we'll get back in touch. 

Andrew Hoffman - Executive Director