TNLCX Report - Indy Cross & Brookside OVCX

TNLCX team traveled to Indianapolis over the weekend to take part in Indy Cross's Brookside race on Saturday, and OVCX's race at Brookside on Sunday. It was a beautiful weather weekend that reminded us all that fall is hear, which we're grateful for. There have been a lot of hot cross races so far this year. Below are the race recaps from both days. If you've heard about our campaign to raise funds to put furnaces in homes, you can make a donation here. If you've not heard yet, consider clicking on the link and supporting the campaign. 

Indy Cross Recap

Sam, Ed, and Andrew headed down to take on the Indy Cross race on the Northside of Brookside park in the area called, "The Bowl." The race organizers did a great job using all the features in that park that includes some steep drops, tight S-turn switchbacks on the side of a big hill, and some good, flowy sections. 

Sam broke the steer tube of his singlespeed bike clean in half during a pre-ride of the course, which eliminated him from being able to race that category. He had his geared bike, but that happened just about 15 minutes before the Cat 3 race and he wasn't ready. So, Sam played cheerleader and enjoyed the race from the sidelines. Ed managed a 5th place in the Cat 1/2/3 race after a strong ride. Andrew placed 16th in the 4/5 race at the end of the day after battling back and forth with two riders on the last lap and getting "cyclocrossed" in the final corner by a racer that took off running after the barriers just before the corner. Andrew couldn't get remounted and up a switchback turn fast enough to beat the runner to the corners and was boxed out and ultimately lost a spot. 

OVCX - Brookside Recap

The weather was in the low 50's first thing in the morning and the dew was thick in the grass as we setup our tent at the bottom of the iconic step run-up on the southside of Brookside Park. Perfect day for cycling. The course was pretty traditional for this venue, which is many cross racer's favorite course of the year. Lots of ups and down, challenging barrier sections, and a long run-up on broken down concrete stairs that doubles as the best spectating spot on the course. 

Andrew took 17th out of just under 50 riders in the Cat 5 race after crashing on lap 2 and dropping a spot or two in the last lap. Sam took 2nd place in his first Cat 3 race of the season and Ed followed him in 3rd place. Both guys rode really smart and stayed near the front the entire race. Steve Vorderman took 21st place in the Cat3 40+ race. 

The action of the day revolved around Josh and his Cat 1 race. Former collegiate teammate of Josh and current pro, Drew Dillman, was in attendance and it was going to be a battle the entire race between those two. On lap 3, Josh flatted and rolled a tubular tire near the end of the lap before the pits. We made a quick bike change and got Josh rolling quickly, but he lost some seconds. After what we thought was going to be a useless A bike, one of Josh's co-workers at SRAM suggested we get a different front wheel to get his A bike back in the pits. So, we did a mad dash to the tent to find the available thru axle wheels and ran back to fix the A bike. We swapped some Zipp wheel caps to make the different thru axle sizes work and got the new wheel on the bike. Josh came through the pits again and we got him back on his main bike. A half-lap later, he swung through the pits again because we failed to check the rotor in the front brake, which was rubbing. So, we swapped bikes and adjusted the rotor in order for him to pit again and get running. We finally got it all right and Josh completed the race after hard charging from 4th place where he dropped to after all these switches to only come in about 9 seconds down from Drew to take 2nd place. It was a good race to get some pit practice in for both Josh and Andrew, who took ownership of helping out in the pits for the first time. 

All in all it was a phenomenal weekend and we're grateful to the cross community that is receiving our team, racers, and purpose really well. Thank you to everyone that has come by to buy some merchandise, learn more, and give us encouragement as we try to execute our goals this season. Also a huge thanks to OVCX and Julie & Scot Hermann for taking the time to allow us to share more about our work and the team before the Cat3 race on Sunday. We appreciated that!

We'll see you all in Yellow Springs this coming Sunday at the OVCX race.