TNLCX Report - John Bryan Park - OVCX #6

This past Sunday, TNLCX athletes (Ed, Dylan, Marissa, Josh, & Andrew) hit the road to Yellow Springs, OH to John Bryan State Park for race #6 of the OVCX cyclocross series. The weather was incredible again on Sunday with breezy, overcast skies and temps nearing 80 degrees by the end of the day. The course was a shorter course that was extremely rough, relatively flat with little elevation, and really fast because of it. The faster course had racers turning more laps and suffering from the lung burning effects of going at a much faster rate than usual.  

Andrew (Cat5) and Marissa (Cat4) were off in the first race of the day right at 10am. Andrew benefited from a front row call up and a great start that put him in 3rd place for half the first lap. He was able to make a move up to 2nd place just before the extremely fast barrier section and was holding steady until the guy in 1st crashed right in front of him on a fast right hand turn. The 1st place guy crashed hard and Andrew couldn't avoid the crash and ended slamming into the guys bike and went over the handlebars himself and landed hard on his right shoulder. Andrew rolled off the edge of the course and his race was over due the impact his shoulder took and the bars twisted completely sideways. Marissa rode a steady, strong race and ended up 3rd place. Good enough for some podium vibes!! Well done, Marissa. 

Dylan (Cat 4) got a mid-pack call up and fought his way up into the top 10 in the first couple of laps. He rode strong for most of the race and continued to make up ground on the leaders. An unfortunate bobble with that fast barrier section caused him to crash had on the last barrier and loose a few spots after picking himself off the ground. That took some speed and energy out of him as he completed the last couple of laps to take a 12th place finish. 

Ed (Cat3) was successful in getting a first row call up this race after a couple of podiums the previous two races, but unfortunately, he missed his call up time and ended up having to line up in the back of a fast Cat 3 race. Ed is riding really strong this season and put in a big effort early to get up into the top 15 overall after a couple of laps. Ed settled in with a few guys and continued to put in work to inch his way up and ended up 7th in his class. A really great effort considering having to work his way up in a wave that had over 60 riders in it. 

Josh (Cat 1) rode another really strong race issue free this week. He had really strong competition again this week as Drew Dillman showed up and ended up putting almost a minute on Josh by the end of the hour long race. Josh rode hard to keep that gap to a minimum and to put a gap on third place. Josh finished in 2nd place, adding to his podiums on the year. 

Besides the racing, we were so encouraged by the sportsmanship we saw all weekend. With Andrew crashing hard on the first lap of the first race of the day and requiring a bit of minor medical attention, we received quite a bit of follow up by the officials, organizers, and other racers in his category. We felt tremendous support from everyone wanting to make sure he was doing well and nothing was too bad. Plus, we got to see our own friends and teammates step up to the call to help each other in the pits and with all the team operations.

Not only did we see this encouraging behavior around us, we saw it all over the course with racers encouraging others, teams mingling around certain areas of the course, the announcers loving on everyone they could, and the organizers making sure everything is running smoothly. 

We love racing bikes and the rewards of doing well, but it's all of those community vibes that justify the effort, energy, time, and money required to keep cross worthy of our attention. We're encouraged by what we see and are grateful for the opportunity to join a vibrant community that was there long before us. Thanks for blessing our team this week by just being you.