2016 Fort 4 Fitness

If you have any race pictures, please send them our way! We'd love to include them in this post. 

Saturday was a fantastic day for Team Neighborlink at the 2016 Fort 4 Fitness running events. We had over 50 runners sign up to run for Team NeighborLink in all of the events, which were a 4-mile race, a 10k, a half-marathon, and a full marathon. Many set PRs, some suffered, and everyone accomplished the goals they set out to overcome. We are simply thrilled that they would choose to represent us and wear our gear in the races. We saw so many of you. Thank you!!!

In addition to the runners, Team NeighborLink was the official bike lead out team. About 10 from our cycling team led the lead runners of each race from the start on the course. Some races we did the entire length of the race and some we just led a handful of miles before getting back to the start line to lead the next race. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to raise some additional awareness for our efforts and to have a lot of fun being a part of the event from the front of the race. It's not every day you get to ride up front and cruise through closed streets all morning. Plus, its a great way to see all our runners and friends along the way. 

Finally, we setup Millie the Truck in Foster Park, which is a long stretch around mile 6 of the half marathon where it's pretty quiet. We setup our speaker system and blast the jams to provide some encouragement. We got to see lots of friends, slap some fives, and hear a lot of appreciation for being out there. 

All in all a very successful Saturday with Fort 4 Fitness. 

Special congrats to Team NL Ambassador, Ben Steele, who accomplished his goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:14:56. Well done Ben. Ben is also raising money for NeighborLink Fort Wayne. He's just shy of $700 towards his $1300 goal. Consider supporting his campaign with a donation, which will go to funding a project for a homeowner in need.