Adult Cyclist Performance and Strength & Conditioning

We've been fortunate to begin a relationship with Parkview Sports Medicine this fall. We obviously have a deep desire to grow our team to accomplish our goals of developing a community of athletes, raise awareness for NeighborLink, and to ultimately raise dollars to help neighbors in need. PSM has a long history of providing professional sports training, programming, and medical services to athletes young and old throughout our region. 

They are really trying to better understand the needs of adult athletes that are committed to excelling at whatever their athletic goals are pointing towards. For Team NL this fall, it's cyclocross, but we have runners, CrossFit athletes, and folks involved in all kinds of sports with all kinds of goals. Not only are they helping us grow by providing sponsorship support, they're wanting to help our athletes define those goals and develop training programs to get there. 

Starting here in January, we're diving into phase 1 of this program with a few athletes and want to invite anyone else interested in starting a program to join us. Below is an outline of a personalized training program that includes workouts, nutrition plans, and access to the wide range of PSM facilities and services outlined below. 

If you're interested in learning more or getting started, let us know and/or reach out to Dillon Painter at Athletes With Purpose to get started. 



Adult Cyclist Performance and Strength & Conditioning

AWP Sports is excited to offer a comprehensive and progressive training program specifically designed to meet the physical needs of endurance cyclists. Created by certified strength and conditioning specialist Dillon Painter, this program will help you become a stronger, more conditioned, and more competitive athlete.


8 Week Training Program

  • Created by Certified Performance Specialist
  • 2 x 4 Week Cycles

4 x Programming Consultations

  • Athlete specific Assessments to assist with general & personal program progressions and overview
  • Athlete specific Modifications to allow for progressions and regressions pending athlete(s) need

Unlimited Access to SportONE/Parkview Fieldhouse and The Summit

  • Free access to the AWP Performance and Fitness Centers to complete workouts
  • Unlimited usage of our Open Gym/Daytime Hours

General Nutrition Packet

  • Provided by PSM Sports Nutritionist
  • Specific to Cyclist Nutritional Demands

 Training Program Focus:

  • Total Body Strength/Strength Endurance
  • Rate Force Development (RFD)
  • Cycling Economy
  • Work Efficiency
  • Energy System & Cardiovascular Development
  • Time to Exhaustion
  • Maximum Aerobic & Anaerobic Power
  • Explosive and High Intensity
  • Injury Prevention
  • Enhanced Recovery

 Program Price: $75/mo - $150 Per 8 week Session

Note: Price includes all bulleted training components indicated within the overview section. No additional fees will be added to services congruent to these components during the duration of your training cycle. Discounted rates for memberships or sessions into the general AWP Fitness classes can be offered to participants within this specific program at request of the participant. 

Here are some answers to some questions we asked Dillon: 

Why do competitive or goal-minded cyclists need to do choose THIS program? How can a comprehensive training plan help them over just riding the trainer?  

Competitive and goal-minded cyclists need to choose THIS program, first and foremost, because it is designed intentionally for the competitive athlete. The comprehensive nature of this program - strength and conditioning and nutrition  - will allow an individual to get stronger and more fit without necessarily having to get on a bike, especially during the winter months in Indiana. This program will train and strengthen muscles, as well as energy systems, that are utilized every time an individual pedals a bike, which ultimately, will make them a better, more competitive cyclist. 

What the training looks like & what’s all included? 

The training program, created by Dillon Painter,  is devised into two, four week blocks (8 weeks total). For four days a week, an individual will have two lower and two upper predominant training days. Within these days, specific exercises, rep schemes, loading, and energy system development,  will be implemented. These training days are programmed to strengthen specific muscles for the physical demands of a cyclist, which will increase work capacity, power output, time to exhaustion, and recovery. Included with the training program are nutrition guidelines, catered specifically to cyclist athletes by PSM Registered Dietitian/Sports Nutritionist Christy Sorg. 

Why PSM or AWP is the right provider? What do you know about cycling or endurance athletic training? 

PSM and AWP is the right provider of this program because of the collaboration of our resources; usage of multiple state of the art facilities, as well as providing a certified strength and conditioning specialist from AWP (Dillon Painter) and a registered dietitian from Parkview Sports Medicine (Christy Sorg); whom are committed to helping individuals become the best athlete they can be. Dillon Painter, specificially, has worked with elite endurance athletes at the NCAA D1 level, as well as, professional level, and understands the critical physical demands needed  in a training program to help athletes succeed in their sport.