TNLCX Report - Derby City

We're a bit behind on getting through our images and our race recap from Derby City two weekends ago, but we're stoked on how the entire weekend went. The racing was tough with a challenging and dusty course along with stacked fields. We ended up with a few podiums and lots of strong performances from out teammates. Congrats Corey and Emily for taking TNLCX to the podium at these races. 

This was a really great weekend for our team dynamics because all but one member was present, and we welcomed two new riders to the team over the weekend. Welcome Chris and Corey! Glad to have you around. We had a lot of fun in the team area with the other teams, including so many professional teams that were kind, engaging, and curious about what we're doing at Team NeighborLink. These weekends are long, but we enjoy each other's company and believe that the community we're trying to form is more valuable than any race results we earn.

We also sold a good amount of gear, which helps us continue to raise dollars for furnaces. We ended up raising all the funds need for the first furnace by this race weekend and that furnace got installed last week. We've included some of those images at the bottom of the gallery, so don't miss. What we're doing is working because you all support it. So, continue to do so and if you'd like to give a neighbor some heat this winter, consider making a donation.

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