TNLCX Report - Cincy CX UCI Weekend

The TNLCX spend two long, but beautiful days in Cincinnati, OH this past weekend as part of the Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival, which included the Pan American Championships and two UCI C1 races. This is a big weekend for US cyclocross, and it just happens to happen in our regional OVCX race series. This was also the first official two-day event for the TNLCX squad and all but two riders made it down. 

Saturday's races were at the renowned Devou Park that features a lot of elevation, many technical features, and some fast sections. It's a diverse course and one of the hardest and most liked course on the US CX circuit. Racing started at 8am for Andrew, Marissa, and Emily, and carried on throughout the day with Josh's Pro race starting at 5:15pm. We had to setup in the dark and get that first pre-ride lap in just enough light to barely see the holes. After a long 12hrs later, we were packed up and heading for our lodging. 

Sunday's races were at the legendary King's Cross park where this weekend would be it's last weekend as a cyclocross venue as interstate development will take over the park with an onramp. The course was a stark contrast to Saturday's course with its many power sections, fast corners, and punch climbs. What it lacked in technical features, it made up with hard pedaling efforts up gradual inclined hills. The weather was near 80 and sunny all the way up until the mens pro race when it started to rain right as they got started. For the majority, it was hot and drained riders. For the pros, it cooled quite a bit and was very slick as that rain just made the grass and hard park dirt like ice. The TNL riders results were not what anyone wanted, but were decent given the back to back races and challenging field sizes.

The fields were really large both days as they packed in as many people in each wave as they could. Between the large fields and the additional talent that is drawn to such a big event, all the riders had their work cut out for them. Overall, we had decent results and were happy. The spectator crowds were huge and create it a really fun atmosphere. 

We had a blast all day long and it was fun to be setup near all the other pro teams. We got to meet all the folks that do this week in and week out, and for many, year in and year out. We got to share more about what TNL is all about as lots of folks had questions. We sold a ton of gear both days, which helps us raise between $2-300 dollars for the furnace projects we're working on. Huge thank you to all that came by our booth to say hi and learn more, who bought some gear, and who stuck around to watch with us. 


Saturday's Results: 

  • Andrew - Cat 5 - 14th
  • Marissa - Cat 4 - 3rd
  • Emily - Cat 4 - DNF (Rolled a tubular)
  • David - Cat 4 - DNS (Broke a derailleur in warmup)
  • Sam - Cat 3 - 11th 
  • Ed - Cat 3 - 19th
  • Josh - Pro Men - 18th 

Sunday's Results: 

  • Andrew - Cat 5 - 13th
  • Marissa - Cat 4 - 14th
  • Emily - Cat 4 - 11th
  • David - Cat 4 - 55th
  • Sam - Cat 3 - 16th 
  • Ed - Cat 3 - 20th
  • Josh - Pro Men - 30th 

Huge thank you to Vorderman Volkswagen for loaning us another VW Touareg TDI. It was brilliant and got fantastic gas mileage. It's a blessing to have a partner willing to loan us a vehicle to get us there safely and in style. Go buy that SUV if you're the market. We'd gladly take it as a team vehicle. 

Also, we wouldn't be able to do any of this stuff without our other sponsors. Parkview Sports Medicine has helped fund this program to even give us the opportunity to race. Custom Living, Nathan Alan Designs, and many other individual contributors are helping us get seen and further our cause through cycling. Thank you. We also have some of the best bikes, gear, and support from companies like Giant, SRAM, Zipp, Bicycle Garage, and NUUN. Sometimes the best way to thank sponsors is posts like these. Because of them, we get race and have greater opportunities to meet folks who in-turn will help us raise money for furnace projects.