Night Moves Fantasy of Lights - Race Details

Tomorrow night is Race #9 of the 2016 Night Moves Running Series at the Fantasy of Lights. It takes a curious, self-motivated, and adventurous person to volunteer with NeighborLink Fort Wayne, and we’ve learned it takes those same traits to find our Team NeighborLink events exciting and worth trying. Night Moves will be all of the above with the right amount of security, direction, and organization to make sure every aspect that can be controlled, runs smoothly. We're looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Below are some final details about the event that should give you direction. If you have questions not being answered, send us an email and we’ll reply as soon as we can. Invite your friends to join you last minute. We still have some space available. 

Event Proceeds: The funds raised from Friday’s race will be used by NeighborLink Fort Wayne to help get a new furnace for a neighbor in need. The Team NL cyclocross team is raising funds for furnace replacements and with winter coming, we want to help as many people as we can. 

FREEZING COLD: The weather is expected to be really cold right around 22 degrees. We will still plan on running the event and we encourage you to dress accordingly with lots of warm layers. We also encourage you to potentially check in and then sit in your cars until about 10 minutes until 10pm to stay warm. Because of this cold, we don’t expect much in terms of hanging out afterwards, so we won’t be offended if you get right into your cars post race and head for warmer temps. There are no prize monies at stake, so use your own personal best judgement when it comes to handling the cold.  

Check-In/Start Location: The race will be starting within the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo parking lot. We will have the Neighborlink truck & tent setup there. 

Parking: You can park in the main Zoo parking lot, the overflow parking lot across the road (not well lit), or in the Foellinger Theatre parking lot. Give yourself plenty of time to get into the park and through the Fantasy of Lights traffic. You wait in that line, come into the park and then turn into Zoo parking lot before having to pay for the lights in case you’re concerned about that. 

Event Timing: Check-In opens at 9:15 PM, Race Welcome & Final Instructions at 9:45 PM, and Race Starts at 10:00 PM

Bathrooms: Unfortunately, there are no bathroom facilities at the zoo

Sponsors: Blue Jacket, Inc runs the Fantasy of Lights and this event is in partnership with them. We will designate a portion of the proceeds to go towards NL projects done with their clients. 

Course Details: This is an ON & OFF ROAD event. We are incorporating many of the off-road bike/running trails through the Franke Park area. You will see 100% of the light displays as well as see some of the park. IF you don’t want to run on the trails and just want to stay on the pavement, you can run 2-3 laps around the park to see the lights only. It’s really up to you. If you go on the trail adventure, there are many roots & challenges that come with trail running, but we think you’ll do just fine. 

Headlamps: You will need a flashlight or headlamp this week due to night time trail running - we’ll have extra if you forget one. 

Course Marking & Direction: We will have volunteers/cyclists with flashing lights at most every turn, pointing you in the right direction. We will also have some flashing blue glow stick stakes marking certain parts of the route to help guide you where we don't have volunteers. You won't get too lost if you do get lost. If you feel like you’re lost, just start running towards the light displays. 

Timing & Results: We will have a mass start and a running stopwatch as a means to make sure the first male and female runners get an official time and we can determine a winner, but we won’t have a fancy timing system to keep your time for you. This is a fun run and not a competitive event. If timing is important to you, then I imagine you already have a running watch or GPS that will keep that for you. 

Winners: Winners will have choice of a NL winter hat, winter neck buff, or a TNL running shirt. 

December 9th Event Swag: Runners will have their choice of a pair of new TNL socks, a stainless steel pint glass, water bottle, or one of our remaining t-shirts. 

If you have any questions, please let us know. See you tomorrow night.