2016 Cycling & Tri Gear Pre-Order Coming

3.20.16 - Order Update: The deadline is being extended into next week due to waiting on final proofs from the manufacturer. So, if you wanted something, get an order in. We'll update this page once we place the order so you know whether you're in or not. 

We've been working with Matt Plett to refine our 2016 cycling and triathlon gear, and we're excited to offer everything for pre-order. Our main goal was to refine the designs from last year without leaving behind the core of our brand identity and giving our supports the feeling that they need to buy all new gear to fit in. 

Everything is going to be produced by Champion System again in 2016 and they have a ton of different options available to athletes, and we can get anything made. So, it's best for you to review their website to see what all is available, but know that we encourage you to upgrade the chamois and we add $10 per item to the cost as a donation to NeighborLink. The prices on the giant image below reflect those markups.

All items are now live in the Gear Shop. Simply select what you want to order and pay online. We'll follow up with you to get your sizes. If you don't see what you want listed, email us and we'll help get that ordered.  

If you miss this order, we'll order again any time we get requests from athletes to create an order that is at least 10 total items.