The great 80 is a challenging charity bicycle event where teams of five riders, solo riders, or the new “pace group” format show up ready to roll for an unsanctioned & unsupported 80-mile ride throughout allen county. There will be over 100 local, dedicated cyclists who will take on this challenge. 

We’re looking for local businesses to sponsor this grassroots event in a way that is more meaningful than just a logo on the back of a t-shirt. this event is a fantastic way to connect with an active and highly committed group of athletes. they're committed to cycling, their community, and are an engaged group. 

100% of proceeds from this event will help NeighborLink Fort Wayne serve vulnerable homeowners with home repair needs beyond their ability. 

We’re looking for 3 sponsors that will own and cover the cost($150-$200) of one of each “sag stops,” which is a fancy name for a water & food station. We have three checkpoints on the course where teams have to ride through and where we offer water, energy bars, and other food items. Each sponsor has the ability to either cover the cost of the stop and we'll buy all the merchandise, or purchase the supplies on their own and customize the stop. We also ask that you have 4-5 volunteers at each stop to manage the station. 

This is by far the best way to engage with each and every rider at this event. if your goal is to have connections, then know that each rider rolls through this station. At that moment when their water bottle is empty, they’re the happiest to see you! perfect opportunity to say hello and make a personal connection when you're helping them fill their water bottle or giving them a Clifbar. come serve, connect, and help us raise a little more money by cover the cost of each sag stop.

if you're interested in doing this, please send Andrew Hoffman an email