2016 Great 80 Final Event Details

We're just a few days away from our 4th Annual Great 80 that benefits the work of NeighborLink Fort Wayne. The proceeds from this event will go to covering the materials costs of one of the roofs we're replacing for a vulnerable neighbor in Fort Wayne that can no longer afford it, but can live independently. We'll share that story when we get it done. 

Below are all the details you need to know about this weekend's event. Read over everything and if you have any questions, leave a comment or send Andrew an email at andrew@nlfw.org. 

Location: Joseph Decuis Farm (Google Map) - As you come down 900 towards the farm, You'll be parking in the gravel lot on the right hand side of the new Bed & Breakfast on the main road. You can't miss it and we'll have signs. We will have plenty of volunteers on hand to point you in the right direction for bathrooms and post-race festivities. 

Check-In Instructions: Come to the main tent to check-in, sign the waiver, and pick up your thank you gift for participating. You selected something specific when you signed up, but you'll have the opportunity to change your mind should you want to the morning of. We have t-shirts, bottles, & socks available. We also ran out of a few t-shirts and you'll have the opportunity to select something else or allow us a couple of weeks to get some new ones made.

Rain Or Shine Plan: Right now, the weather looks fantastic with a partly cloudy 82 degree day expected. Don’t forget sunscreen! If forecast changes, we plan on riding rain or shine as long as there is no lighting when we start. We do ask that each individual rider make their own decision as far as what conditions they’re willing to ride in and still feel safe. Especially once out on the road, make the decision that makes the most sense and reflects what you’d do if you’re out on the road by yourself. Each year so far has had some rain & we all survived and had a great day.

On The Road Rules: The only rules we ask you to follow are the basic, rules of the road. Ride like you would if you were out riding on your own. The roads are open and you'll encounter traffic, so be courteous and safe. Take caution at stop signs, stop at stoplights, wait for your team members, move over when cars are behind or climbing hills, etc. All basic stuff. 

Overall Schedule: Registration opens at 8:00a. All Riders Meeting at 8:30a and the TT start begins right at 9am with each team being launched every 5 minutes. All teams should be out by 10:00a. Food will be ready at 2:30p for those faster riders and we’ll continue the post-ride event until 5pm or so. 

Start Line Schedule: (order is set based on registered pace, your desire to ride with other folks, & designed to help everyone finish closer together)

  • 9:00 - 14mph & Under Solo & Fondo Riders

  • 9:05 - Human Motor Works Women

  • 9:10 - 15-17mph Solo & Fondo Riders

  • 9:15 - Team NeighborLink Mix Mash

  • 9:20 - Was That Our Turn? 

  • 9:25 - Who's Got The Map? 

  • 9:30 - Human Motor Works Racing

  • 9:35 - 18-20+mph Solo & Fondo Riders

  • 9:40 - Team NeighborLink Squad

  • 9:45 - Ponytail Express

  • 9:50 - No Limit Racing

  • Scroll to bottom of page for page group rider details

Route Details & Card: Not knowing the route and not having the route marked with Dan Henry markings is a key feature of this event. We know it makes some of you anxious, but this is another reason why you need your team. Trust us that you won't get lost, or not that lost. We’ve created route cards with distances and turn by turn navigation. Each route card also has a link to the GPS Garmin map of the course that when used with your smartphone’s mapping app can help you get back on course once on the road. We’ll even have larger maps you can take with you or review prior to the start. And any of your are welcome to call Jeff or James if you get lost. 

GPS Map: In years past, we’ve not made this available to riders and forced you to rely on the route card. In 2016, we will give you the option to email me to get the Garmin route. If you do choose to request the route, it will disqualify you from winning the hammers at the end and ultimately take away from some of the experience. However, we all can experience the ride in different ways if we want. Email me at andrew@nlfw.org if you want it. 

Gravel Sections: In case you're worried about the gravel sections, here is the info you need to know. There are two sections with a cumulative distance of around 3 miles out of 82.5 miles. We've driven and ridden these roads and believe they are perfectly rideable by all skill levels. Just take your time, find the cleanest car tire line and ride smooth. You'll be a better rider for it. 

Day of Race Contact Info: NeighborLink Contact: Jeff Shatto - Phone numbers will be on the route card you receive and please call with any concerns. Obviously call 911 if you have an emergency. James Holm at Summit City Bikes will be available for rescues as well as Nate Perry for the last 25 miles of the course. All details on the route card. 

Team Support Vehicles: If you have a friend or family member that is coming with you and plans on driving a vehicle with your team, please follow the rules of the road as this will be an open course. 

Come Prepared: Please consider bringing your water bottles filled, personal on-bike nutrition, your bike in good working order, and anything you need to do to be prepared. It'll help us all make the event run smoothly and make sure we have enough supplies for everyone. Summit City Bikes will be on site for any last minute assistance bike wise should you need help. 

On Course Fuel & Bathrooms: We have 3 checkpoints this year. (28mi, 48mi, 67mi). Each one will have water, gels, bars, etc.. to get you through should you run out of personal food you brought. There is a gas station on mile 38 about half a mile off course and another one at mile 50 right on the course. Details outlined on route card.

Post Race Food & Beverages: Joseph Decuis will be preparing a BBQ meal post event and Chapmans Brewing Company has generously provide post ride beverages for anyone over 21. We’ll also have water and soda available. Guest Tickets are officially closed for the event since we needed to turn in our headcount to Joseph Decuis earlier this week. In an effort to not run out of food for those paying guests, we're going to have to ask you not to bring any extra folks. 

Waiver: Just a reminder that each rider will sign a waiver since this is an unsanctioned event. We’ll have a master document on hand the day of the event.  

15-17 MPH

  • Derek L
  • J A
  • Jim D
  • Grant D
  • James E
  • Son H
  • Michael L
  • Teddy M
  • Robert M
  • Aaron P
  • Mark S
  • Doug T
  • Kevin T
  • Ian H
  • Jim L
  • Vincent S
  • Ted S
  • Nick F
  • Steve C

14 MPH or SO

  • Heather B
  • Susan M
  • Alyse P
  • Rob P
  • Nicola P
  • Gail G



  • Jim G
  • Russel S
  • Scott W
  • Joe B
  • Luke L