2016 Night Moves Race 2 Recap

Night 2 had us back in the alley behind JK O'Donnells again in 2016. They were great hosts to us last year and they were fantastic again this year. It's a perfect venue to gather 50 runners for a late night run through downtown.

We chose to stick with the 3-mile route we did last year because it's just such a great route that takes us through popular city streets as well as over the MLK bridge twice before running through our downtown arts campus. It allowed us to stay pretty central for this race and give us plenty of other downtown routes to hit for our upcoming runs. 

We had just under 50 runners register for this event. Ryan Bosma blitzed the course in just over 17 minutes, and Rebecca Keith led the ladies with a time around 24 minutes. Both were fantastic runners. 

Finally, we raised over $800 to help another neighbor cover the material expenses on a roof we're replacing this summer. Each Night Moves helps a different neighbor with a project beyond their physical and financial ability to meet on their own. 

If you want to see what NeighborLink is all about, please join us on a volunteer project. Click here for more information.