Battle on the Banks - Cross County Running Event

Team NeighborLink has gone all in with cyclocross racing this year by fielding an organized team and taking a leadership role in the weekly Depot Cross series at Fort Wayne Outfitters. Because of that, we keep thinking up great ideas to create new events that explore new areas of running and our city. We've heard for a couple of years now that once you leave high school or college, there just aren't any cross country style running events being organized. 

Well, we're going to fix that by organizing a race on the same course the bikes race on. It may not be a traditional cross country running course, but it's sure to challenge and bring smiles to runners faces. 

The format of this running event is pretty relaxed and as competitive as each runner makes it. The race will be begin right at 7:15pm and run two laps around the cyclocross course, which includes a lot of turns, a few steep hill run-ups, a few barriers to jump over, and terrain that includes grass, dirt, and pavement. There will be a running clock, but no official timing or results beyond the top male and top female runners. We know many of you run with some sort of watch or GPS device. 

The winners of this event will win a custom engraved Team NL tool trophy. A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to supporting our work at NeighborLink Fort Wayne just like our Night Moves races. 

Think Night Moves goes off-road. 

We're keeping the price down on this event as a way to really encourage runners to sign up and give it a shot. We hope that you'll choose to come down and run the course anytime throughout the fall. It'll be setup all year. 

You can register for the event here.