Team NeighborLink Ambassador Program

I saw in this an opportunity to feel like I was invested in something that’s bigger than me and it can give back to the people around us and make a community
— Ben Steele

For about a year, Ben Steele has been a Team NeighborLink Ambassador. In the midst of his busy life filled with family, work, and everything in between, he is dedicated to running 1,300 miles this year and raising $1 for each mile. According to Ben, the ambassador program provides "an easy way for someone who wants to do something that has four kids and a job and swim team and school events and things like that to be able to."

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What is the Ambassador program?

The Ambassador Program is an opportunity to do something greater with your passion for athletics. Ambassadors commit to raising awareness and funds for NeighborLink Fort Wayne in the midst of their training. Whether you are preparing for a specific event or just training to stay fit, the ambassador program simply functions as a way to allow athletes to continue doing what they're doing while simultaneously giving back to their community. 

Our Ambassadors are completely bought into the mission of NeighborLink and are either motivated by their faith to "love their neighbor," or their belief that being a good neighbor to those facing life's circumstances is the best way to live. Our Ambassadors love to compete, build community, and find ways to serve others.

Everyone has been given a gift to do something. So for me, I’m able to run. I’m able to continue doing the things that I enjoy and I can use that to motivate my children and my friends and the people around me.
— Ben Steele

The Ambassador Program is not just for runners, but for anyone willing to use athletics as a way to engage and invest in Team NeighborLink. Over time, runners, cyclists, CrossFitters, and triathletes have all joined in our mission and we look forward to growing our community even more. Ultimately, we want any athlete to be able to use whatever they are passionate about in a positive, impactful way. 

I think being passionate about something and being an Ambassador is all about finding something that you care about, some way to lift yourself up everyday and push yourself and find what’s important.
— Ben Steele

Our goal for 2016 at Team NeighborLink is to raise $20,000 to help put on roofs, buy water heaters, lumber, paint, and whatever other building materials NLFW volunteers need to complete the projects they take on for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and people struck by life's circumstances who can't afford to repair their home.  

If you would like to join us in this challenge to raise $20,000 for NeighborLink Fort Wayne in 2016, please contact us and let's get started. It's going to be a great year!

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