Loop The Fort

When Team NeighborLink members come up with ideas that involves athletic challenges, their relational community, and fundraising, we know we're doing something right at with the team. Organizations and team directors can come up with all the ideas they want, but the ideas that come from their community are always better and ultimately more successful. 

This was the case for Tyler Smith's idea to "Loop the Fort." Tyler has been involved with Team NeighborLink for the past couple of years and decided earlier this summer that he wanted to take his involvement a little bit further. Tyler want to pick at project at NeighborLink Fort Wayne and see it through completion with the hope he could convince his cycling community to support it financially and with volunteers. We encouraged him to give it a shot and gave him our full support. 

A few weeks later, Loop The Fort was launched and the vision cast. Loop the Fort was a 100mi bike ride around Fort Wayne followed up by a cookout at Tyler and his wife, Stacey's, house. Tyler thought he may have 5-8 people join him for the ride and maybe raise $300-$400. Let's just say that his expectations were exceeded in a very short time period. 

We launched Tyler's $800 fundraising project on July 26th and by July 27th he had 100% of that raised and was already suggesting the idea to boost that goal to $1500, which by the time the event was over on July 31st, he was just $110 shy of that goal. Shows that the power of community is powerful and that everyone chipping in what they can has the opportunity to be a tremendous blessing for something important. HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has contributed to NLFW. Without you, we've only had fun on our bikes. Because of you, we had fun on our bikes and are doing something really cool as a blessing to someone. 

Sunday, July 31st came early with a project start time of 7am. Over 30 people showed up in Tyler's driveway with most set to tackle a 100mi route, and a few taking on a shorter 30mi route. The route was great, the weather just ride for July, and despite a few spills, everything went fantastic as a couple of pace groups formed and circled the city we all call home. The cookout was fantastic thanks to Tyler, Stacey, and a few others that stayed back to prepare food for hungry centurions. 

Most importantly, a single mom named Sandra will not only get her house painted, it'll get much needed siding repairs because of Tyler's commitment to risk inviting his friends to do something he thought was a great idea. It just happens when we make those commitments, we have friends and family waiting to support us in our visions. We are looking forward to helping Sandra get her house fixed up, painted, and feeling brand new for her. 

Team NeighborLink is humbled by these stories that only can happen because of the efforts of our team members and ambassadors. If you want to add some purpose and focus to your efforts, consider doing a campaign to fund a project. We can help you succeed, but we can't make the commitment for you.