TNLCX Race Report - BloomingCross

The TNLCX team hit the road to Bloomington, IN this past Sunday to race the 2nd race of the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series (OVCX). Everyone except Josh Johnson was able to make it this week and gave us the opportunity to do a bit of a test run on our travel and event setup for the year. Josh was taking a rest week after finishing up his road season the weekend before at the Reading 120 USAC road race. 

The weekend got a rocky start Saturday night as a few of us packed up to head to Bloomington the night before. Our partners at Vorderman Volkswagen loaned us a phenomenal 2013 Touereg TDI and made available either a 4-bike rack or an enclosed trailer. There were only three of us heading down early, so we opted to just take the Touereg and the bike rack instead of dealing with the trailer, which proved to be the wrong choice. So, Saturday night at 9pm, we spent an hour trying to make the Touereg work only to decide to eventually take two cars. We now know that we need the trailer to haul not only our bike gear, but the Team NL setup for events. Lesson learned and we're all glad we were dealing with it at 9pm rather than 5am in the morning. Consider the new team jitters sufficient out of our system now. 

Sunday arrived like we new it would, and we quickly setup camp at the race and began pre-race routines and warm ups. From 10a-12:30p, things were hopping around the TNL tent as a large number of our riders are in those first few category races. Everything went as well as could and we had riders racing, spectating, taking photos, and helping each other out. It was fantastic to see the energy of not only TNL, but our friends at FW Outfitters, No Limits Cycling, and Wagner Research CX Team. We've got a great community of CX riders in Fort Wayne and we're all in this together, which makes the squad at races even bigger. 

Results were overall really good as far as racing goes. We saw Sam take the top step in the Cat 4 race and several strong results from other team members. Results from our other goals went great as well as we got to meet some new folks, actually speak to some of our social media friends, and we sold some gear to some new supporters. We hung out, watched bike racing, and nurtured relationships, which is what this is more about to us at the end of the day and race wins. 

The team is a bit sporadic the next two weekends as far as what races they'll be doing, but keep an eye out for us and slap fives with us. 


  • Sam - Cat 4 - 1st Place
  • Dylan - Cat 4 - 10th Place 
  • Ed - Cat 3 - 8th Place
  • Marissa - Cat 4 - 10th Place
  • Emily - Cat 4 - 8th Place
  • Steve - Cat 3 40+ - 21st Place
  • Andrew - Cat 5 - 15th place