TNLCX - Josh Johnson

For several years Josh Johnson and team leader Andrew Hoffman have been talking about how to combine their love for cycling and their desire to help their community. Despite this being Josh’s 7th CX season, this season is unique. Instead of being in it purely for the athletics, it is the vision that has been brought to life to support something bigger than the team by using their skills and passion for cycling. 

For Josh, being part of Team NL is not only about the chance to be around other athletes who share in the same love and passion for the sport of cycling, but it is also about continuing to explore what it means to be a better neighbor both in the sport and in the community. 

This season, Josh’s main goal is to raise awareness and funds for NeighborLink through his athletic pursuit while also sharing the “Love Wins” philosophy with those he and the team encounter. 

"Sure, I have personal athletic pursuits and goals that I would like to achieve on the bike at the races, but at the end of the season when the dust settles and the mud is washed away and we’ve raised awareness and funds for NeighborLink, it doesn’t matter what my results were or where I finished."

With years of expereince in the sport, Josh has found that not many other teams value the idea of neighboring in sport. While there are teams that promote upstanding values and good ideals, he has seen that when it comes time to compete, that all goes out the window. 

Though he has attested to times he hasn’t been a “good neighbor” in competition, he wants to continue growing into and finding the middle between extremes. Josh believes the picture of neighboring can also happen outside of the race – stopping to help someone prep for their race or smiling and thanking the promoters for the hard work of putting on a bike race. Though these small things are counter-cultural to many in the sport, Josh believes it can be extremely impactful when time is set aside to seek out these things that are uncommon. 

Click here to make a contribution to our "Cross For Heat" fundraising campaign. Our goal is to fund the replacement of 4 furnaces for vulnerable homeowners in need. 

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