TNLCX - Sam Berger-Butler

Hailing from Fort Wayne, Sam has been riding bikes his entire life. This is his second cyclocross season, and although he owned a cross bike several years before that, he used it mainly on mountain bike trails. 

“Thanks to my dad I started riding bikes when I was two and I was off training wheels by my 3rd birthday causing trouble in the neighborhood! The rest is history!!”

At the beginning of the year Sam got involved with Team NeighborLink a part of the advisory committee. He loves to see people come together and raise money while having a blast, whether that be rocking the shirts and socks at the gym or running in one of the Night Moves races. For him, taking the sport he loves the most to be a part of it was a “no brainier.”

“I'm hoping we can raise some awareness for our cause and raise the $6,000 we need to help some people out. Growing the team for next year would be a huge added bonus too!”

Being part of Team NeighborLink means supporting the community and getting together with like-minded athletes to accomplish that goal. 

For Sam, everything about CX is what makes it such a great sport to be part of. The weather during the cross season, 45 minute races that are nonstop “go” mode. He loves the culture of CX, and he loves that he and the other riders can get done racing, hang out, be friends, drink a beer and heckle the next riders. 

Click here to make a contribution to our "Cross For Heat" fundraising campaign. Our goal is to fund the replacement of 4 furnaces for vulnerable homeowners in need.